The mission of We Boost Your Project™ is to support SMEs towards an efficient and profitable CSR approach. To advance your company on the subject, we offer a global support program in 90 days, available over several weeks at a veryattractive cost (supported by the governmental institutions plan up to 5K to 200K €). Our promise? Allow you to structure, enhance, and animate CSR commitments that correspond to your objectives, your size, your sector and the expectations of your stakeholders!

We offer turnkey CSR Programs in 90 days, including all the steps, tools, methods and advice necessary for the good deployment of an efficient and profitable CSR approach.

We accelerate employee cohesion and commitment through sustainable development

We will accelerate the societal transformation of your company By mobilizing internal collective intelligence: operationalize the corporate mission in the business lines, and detect what matters to your employees.

Engage employees by giving them a voice Give meaning to all your teams, near or far: raise awareness, involve, co-build, let transformative initiatives emerge, in a transversal

Create an engaged ecosystem federate all your stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers), and bring out transformative external partnerships with other companies, associations or territories.

An interactive mobile application:

  • Federate an internal community
  • Promote the sharing of ideas and actions among your employees
  • Animate your internal community and propose your own corporate publications
  • Make the development of small and large eco-responsible projects a reality
  • Communicate with the public community and interact with an engaged target