We support you to innovate through a sustainable CSR and circular approach to co-create an individual or collective project.

Re-invent your processes and co-create innovative products or services to develop your business.



  • Improve the brand of your company (Carbon Bilan, Circular economy, impact environmental, social and societal)
  • React to your competitors
  • Transform your company and communicate your positive impact
  • Improve your customer offer
  • Win new markets
  • Introduce New Business Model such as circular economy canvas
  • Develop New strategies
  • Leverage people motivation and pro-activity/implication


  • Generate New Ideas (Hackathon, Games (URL link à annexe Gamification), Consultancy, challenge, bootcamps …)
  • Workshops with experts in your domain or others (Out of the box thinking)
  • Use an online innovation platform generating ideas, concepts, projects …
  • Share and Study the innovation trends
  • Learn Innovation through Social Networks (social listening, Succes stories of competitors, Webinars, …)
  • Collaborate with startup accelerators or incubators
  • Invest or buy startups
  • Develop Open Innovation mode (partners, suppliers, startups, internal experts, universities, …)

WHAT is blocking in your company ?

  • Vision missing and knowledge (markets, circular economy, technologies …)
  • Mindset of Innovation is missing in your company
  • No innovation strategy/culture in the top management
  • Innovation knowledge/culture is low in your company
  • Change management issue
  • Innovation impact for short business focus is not relevant
  • Need to develop the culture of risk and failure
  • Transform Prototype in commercial use is an issue …
  • Transform an idea into a concept: coaching & mentoring

• Become CEO 5.0

• Audit Innovation (Open Growth Innovation tm) & Sustainable (Bilan Carbone) & Green IT Transformation / Purchasing

• Being, Thinking and Acting differently

• Test your project with our Blue Innovation Management Platform

• Pitcher

• Business Model game in circular economy mode

• Co-creation and collective intelligence of the project

• Business Design

• Product / service launch

• Digital and commercial strategy

• Prototype and production


• Lean Startup

• Business Model design flyer

• Value Proposition Design

• Design Thinking to Smart Thinking

• Open Innovation

• MIT Theory U

Modular flat-rate support program in 1/2 day to 11 day formula: Carry out and build your project (3 days on site or an external weekend or bootcamp “11 days in total immersion (Auroville)” + extension of 6 months of follow-up by a coach

Thinkers & Doers: Patrick & Fakrou, two passionate friends about innovation (business, societal, social, environmental and technological), leadership, mentoring and coaching for over 30 years through startups and large international groups. The complementarity, the multicultural vision and the dynamics of these two atypical personalities will allow you to get out of your comfort to realize yourself in all kindness. Their last ongoing challenge is to cover 12,000 km in 100 days thanks to a solar bike: Welcome to our “Road to Surpass Oneself “

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